SCO’S JANUARY 7, 2024 BLOOD DRIVE – Reminder

Goodbye 2023 – Hello 2024!  Many of us begin our year with hopeful expectations of developing healthy habits.  It often begins with writing down our goals and the reasons for each of the things we hope to accomplish.  Check out the unique list below of factual and humorous reasons to include donating blood in 2024!  

  1. Save a life without eight years of Med School
  2. 1000 donations are needed daily in your community.
  3. One in seven people entering a hospital will need blood.
  4. On average, 3% of the population donate blood each year. 
  5. Kids at our local children’s hospitals often get transfusions to be able to go home on the weekends.
  6. To impress somebody.
  7. You lose one pound with each donation.
  8. Free juice and cookies helps you gain it back.
  9. Cancer patients require several platelets transfusions daily.
  10. Where else can you kick back for 30 minutes while doing SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY?
  11. You have a great excuse to eat a hearty meal to prepare for your donation. 
  12. Studies show that blood donors are smarter and better looking. (Or so we’ve heard).
  13. Not all superheroes look good in tights!

We hope our list inspired you to join us this Sunday.  Hope to see many of you this Sunday.  Appointments appreciated – walk-ins welcome – Blood Donor Recipients extremely grateful! 

Spring Creek Oaks
Sunday, 01/07/2024 (10:00 am – 02:30 pm)
6002 Bur Oak Dr
Clubhouse II
Spring, TX 77379 

Scan the QR code on the attached flier or click on this link.

BONUS:  As a thank you for saving patients’ lives, all donors who donate blood will receive a limited-edition hoodie.

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