Deed Restriction Guidelines
“Neighbor to Neighbor"

In accordance with Texas law, the SCO Board has adopted the deed restriction enforcement policy shown below. Please review the policy. The policy includes administrative fees and legal fees that can be charged to homeowners accounts for deed violations.

SCOCIA’s Board has established an appropriate procedure for administering resident’s concerns of deed restriction violations.  Simply put, before you talk about your neighbor, first talk to your neighbor.  Board meetings are not intended to be a public forum for complaining about our neighbors. For those residents who have Deed Restriction concerns regarding neighbors, the appropriate steps are:

  • The resident with a complaint should first discuss the issue directly with their neighbor in a friendly way.  Many times this can resolve problems.
  • If that fails, the Deed Restriction Committee Head (DRCH) may be contacted, preferably by email or letter with a copy to the Board President.  The DRCH would then gather information from all parties and attempt to resolve the conflict.
  • If that fails, the DRCH would then send notice of violation and recommendation to the resident (a copy of this letter goes to the Board President).
  • If that fails, the complainant would then be afforded an opportunity to appeal and present in writing their dilemma to the Board prior to the next board meeting.  If necessary the Board may request that the issue is presented at the next board meeting. The Board will then notify all parties of their recommendation.


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