Reminder of New Parking Violation Procedure

Dear Residents-


While we receive many different types of complaints monthly, parking violations are by far the most reported issue. In the past, if you parked on the street overnight you might have received a letter on your car reminding you that overnight parking on the street is against SCO deed restrictions and is in fact, a violation. This friendly approach has not gained much traction.

The HOA Board, through the Deed Restrictions committee, is going to move forward with a more stringent approach towards overnight parking violations. Beginning in the summer months, if a vehicle is parked on the street overnight, a parking violation sticker will be placed on the vehicle. If the homeowner continues to violate the deed restrictions and park on the street, a fine will be imposed. If you are a landlord, please inform your tenants of the deed restriction and new procedure.  As the homeowner, you will incur the fine.

Please see refer to Article II section 13 of the Deed Restrictions for additional clarity:

“The parking of an Automobile vehicles on the road shoulders or on the streets bordering any lot for a period longer than six (6) hours is prohibited”.

Please note that the restrictions against parking on the streets overnight are for the safety of the community. If there are cars parked on both sides of the street, it is very difficult for emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks, to be able to fit through. Additionally, they create a visual obstacle for cars trying to pass through and make it difficult to see pedestrians or bike riders.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Deed Restrictions Officers

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