Pickleball courts

Due to popularity of the sport, pickleball courts #2 and 3 (courts with permanent nets) at the small clubhouse on Misty Creek are reserved most mornings and some nights by SCO residents. The courts with portable nets are often available for walk-on play. To check court reservations, please go to www.springcreekoaks.org and click on Amenity Reservations tab. Pickleball court reservations are listed as “CH 1 courts 2 and 3, (name of person)”.  If you wish to make a court reservation, please send an email to courtscheduler@springcreekoaks.org, at least 48 hours in advance.

Please remember no glass bottles on the courts, no music after 9 pm, turn off the lights and make sure the gate is completely closed and locked when leaving. The lights are programmed to turn off at 10 pm out of respect for nearby residents. Thank you!

Tennis Committee

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