New Delinquent Dues Fining Policy

HOA dues invoices are mailed out every year in November.   Assessments are due no later than January 1st.  A 30-day grace period is allowed (January 31st) unless there is a delinquency from the previous year.  In the past, accounts not paid on time were charged 15% APR per month.  In May 2018, SCOCIA unanimously passed a resolution changing the penalty for late dues.  Starting 2019, dues not paid by January 31st will be charged $65 per month.

Continued failure to pay these past due assessments and/or other charges may result in legal action being taken, which increases the Association’s costs and can cause increases in assessments for all of our property owners.  In addition, usage of Association assets, such as the clubhouses, tennis courts, and pools, will be suspended until the delinquent assessments, etc. have been paid.

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