7 thoughts on “Fence Replacement before and after: TC Jester north of gully”

  1. Laura,
    I believe I’ve made my comments earlier. I’d just like to see it done. Is it required to get 100% of the residents to sign the agreement?

    1. Any discussion of effects of mold on concrete fences? Seems this will surely occur over time and if abated will incur maintenance costs.

      1. Laura Junek

        Hi Phil-
        Good question and thank you. The AFTEC Pre-Cast Concrete Wall is finished on both sides with a product called H&C Colortop Stain and Sealer. This product contains paint, stain, and a sealer and allows for easy maintenance. Dirt and mold cannot take hold because the concrete pores are sealed and not exposed to the elements. Typically, the wall can be cleaned with a water hose and regular water pressure from your home. In instances where mold becomes visible on the wall, the recommendation is to use a mild soap and a pressure washer with the setting 400 psi or less.

  2. Kim Jones


    If this is a good representative rendering of the final fence my personal thought is, it will look great. My biggest concern is that the fence would be cheap and plastic looking like so many seen around town.
    If not, is there a final rendering? Can that be posted?
    Thank you

    1. Laura Junek

      Hi Kim-
      Thank you for your question. No final rendering yet. There is still a lot of work to be done before the design is chosen. If you would like to see the AFTEC fencing, the neighborhood across from Klein Cain has it. Normandy Forest on Spring Cypress recently installed the fence, also.

  3. Lauren Sullenbarger

    Wow! That is amazing! It would truly help the property values in our neighborhood! Thanks to all who have put time into this study! Sure hope it happens!

  4. Rodney Scott

    Thank you to all that have worked so hard on this project. We have lived in the neighborhood for 17 years and over time the fences have become an eyesore. A uniform fence replacement will increase our property values.

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