Spring Creek Oaks has three sites with 12 total neighborhood tennis courts located at:

  • Clubhouse 2 (Bur Oak at TC Jester) with 6 courts

  • Winding Ridge (Kuehnle Courts) with 4 courts

  • Clubhouse 1 (Misty Creek) with two courts and a tennis backboard.

These tennis courts are operated and maintained using funds collected and allocated by SCOCIA. The Tennis Committee operates and maintains the courts as a standing committee of the SCOCIA Board.

The tennis courts are available for SCO residents and their accompanied guests daily until 11pm. SCO tennis courts are used primarily on a walk on basis and are not reserved for individual recreational play. As a homeowner you may use SCO courts and to gain access, you need to submit a deposit to receive a gate key from our gate key person as the gates are to be locked at all times.

Tennis Committee contacts:

Tennis Court Rules and Guidelines for League Play can be found on the website under Rules and Regulations.

League Information

Men’s Tennis:

  • Men play league at night. The league is North Suburban Tennis League of  Houston (http://www.nhml.tenniscores.com)

  • Tuesday is the B+D level – We have one B team.

  • Wednesday is the A level

  • Thursday is the C level – We have one C team.

Women’s Tennis:

  • Monday day league is HLTA. The website is www.hlta.com. Currently SCO fields three teams: A-1 West, A-3 North and B-3 North.

  • Monday night league is NHTA. The website is www.nhta.tenniscores.com. We have one A-2 team.

  • The northwest tennis league is www.nwtl.org. We have two teams that play on Thursday; they are Champ 1 and A-1.

  • The Friday day league is www.texasjackrabbitleague.com. Currently we have four teams and they are: Champ 1, B-2, C-1, and C-2.

Youth Tennis-YTA

Currently SCO has no YTA team and the Coordinator position is open. The youth team competes after school in the fall and spring with a 14 under team. They play on Thursday. YTA has both beginner and intermediate youth play. The website is: www.nwyta.org.

Other tennis leagues in our area are:

  • USTA for men, women and kids. The website is www.USTA.com

Spring Creek Oaks sponsored Tennis Leagues:

If you are interested in joining a SCO team, e-mail one of the tennis chairs who will give you the appropriate information. You can e-mail us at tennis@springcreekoaks.org. If you want to start a new team in SCO contact the committee for “how to” information.

Tennis in the summer

Fun Monday night women’s tennis is at Clubhouse 2 starting at 7:30. All playing levels are welcome.

Tennis Pros

As a courtesy to our residents, the SCO tennis committee has listed a tennis pro who will provide tennis lessons to both adults and youths at our Spring creek Oaks tennis courts.

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