To see court assignments please visit the Amenity Reservations Calendar.

Spring Creek Oaks has 3 locations with tennis courts and pickleball courts:

  • Clubhouse 2 (Bur Oak at TC Jester) has 6 tennis courts,
  • Kuehnle Courts (Winding Ridge and Fellowship Lane) has 4 tennis courts
  • Clubhouse 1 (Misty Creek) has 1 tennis court with a backboard and 2 pickleball courts.

These tennis courts are operated and maintained using funds collected and allocated by SCOCIA. The Tennis Committee operates and maintains the courts as a standing committee of the SCOCIA Board.

The tennis courts are available for SCO residents and their accompanied guests daily until 11pm. SCO tennis courts are used primarily on a walk on basis but can be reserved for league play and practice. To gain access to the courts, residents must submit a deposit to receive a gate key from the tennis committee member in charge of keys as the gates are to be locked at all times.

Tennis Committee contacts:

Tennis Court Rules and Guidelines for League Play can be found on the website under Rules and Regulations.

League Information

Men’s Tennis:

  • Men play league at night. The league is North Suburban Tennis League of  Houston (
  • Tuesday is the B+D level – We have one B team.
  • Wednesday is the A level
  • Thursday is the C level – We have one C team.

Women’s Tennis:

  • Monday day league is HLTA.  The website is Currently SCO fields two teams: A-3 North and B-2 North.
  • Monday night league is NHTA. The website is We have one A-2 team.
  • The Northwest tennis league website is We have two teams that play on Thursday at the Champ and A-1 levels. We have a team that plays on Wednesday (A-2).
  • The Friday day league is the Texas Jackrabbit League. The website is Currently we have three teams and they are; Open 2, A-3, and B-3.

Youth Tennis-YTA

Currently SCO has no YTA team, and the Coordinator position is open. The youth teams compete after school in the fall and spring. YTA has both beginner and intermediate youth play. The website is

One of the other tennis leagues in our area is USTA for men, women, mixed, and kids. The website is  In some summer months, we have had ladies USTA teams.


Currently, we do not have any pickleball league teams in SCO as the courts were just finished in January of 2020.  If anyone is interested in starting a team, please contact,

If you are interested in joining a SCO team, send an e-mail to, and we will give you the appropriate information.  If you want to start a new team in SCO, contact the court scheduler at for “how to” information.

Tennis Pros

Currently, SCO does not have in-house tennis pros.  But the residents can invite a pro for private lessons as long as an SCO resident is present at all times.  The following pros have provided lessons to SCO residents in the past, but residents may invite any pro they wish.

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