To see field assignments please visit the Amenity Reservations Calendar.

Baseball Fields

Scheduling/Practice Times:

  1. Submit Requests to:
  2. All SCO residents must be current on HOA dues.
  3. Check for $100.00 payable to SCOCIA must be submitted to the SCOCIA Treasurer.
  4. Teams must participate in Field Day.
  5. Head Coach must be SCO resident if no SCO Kids on team. a. Must be “Active Coach” registered with league.
  6. SCO residents must be present during practice.
  7. Teams must submit first and second time requests
  8. If several teams request the same practice time, the team with the most SCO residents has priority
  9. Only one team allowed on field if team is > 10 years old
  10. Teams must clean up after practice. Failure to constantly pick up after practice will result in forfeiture of practice time

Batting Cage

  1. If two teams on fields, coaches should try to work out a batting cage schedule. If no agreement between coaches, lower field number gets first half, higher numbered field gets second half of practice
    (Example: one team practicing on Field 3, another on Field 4, team on field 3 has rights to batting cage for the first half of time slot, team on Field 4 has the second half time slot.
  2. Teams reserving field have priority over individuals wishing to use batting cages.

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