Happy New Year SCO!

Recently, a few SCO residents were organizing the clubhouse office.  We were sifting through a few pictures, easily identifiable in a time before emojis and filters. There were 25 years-worth of editions of The Scoop and files full of pictures.  The images captured people serving in various capacities. Some of the favorite photos were those of smiling faces and people together focused on an activity. We often say SCO is a hidden gem in the Spring area. These pictures reminded us of why.  It appeared that SCO was a unique community that thrived on community volunteerism. Community involvement is good for everyone.

2020 was a challenging year and affected each of us in one capacity or another. SCO is very fortunate to have a community that allows us to get out of the house during the pandemic safely. Our parks, walking trails, tennis courts, pools, and beautiful trees allowed many to enjoy the outdoors and our wonderful neighborhood.

2021 is upon us, and it is a new year. We would like to reach out to the community to ask for volunteers to help keep our SCO beautiful and safe. Community involvement and volunteerism allows us to meet our neighbors. It creates a sense of compassion and pride in our community and teaches our children new skills and what it means to “give back.”

From time to time, needs arise in SCO that require attention. We have started to compile a list of small jobs that range from easy to more experience. For example, the wooden containers blending the trashcans into our landscape are badly in need of repair.  Some of our facilities could use a good power-washing.  Have you noticed something that needs attention and feel you could lend a hand?

Are you looking for something to do as a family? Is a child in your family interested in learning new skills? Are you a person that has some time to help SCO out? Are you interested in meeting some new people? SCOCIA is ready to help you coordinate activities and will cover the cost of any supply needs.

There are virtually no downsides to community volunteerism.  It connects you with others, gives you a sense of purpose, is good for your mental and physical health, helps build self-confidence…the list goes on.

Please check out a new section in your monthly edition of The Scoop (March edition) called the Volunteer Corner and the Announcements section in your email.

If you have any questions/thoughts/ideas, please reach out to Laura Junek at President@springcreekoaks.org or call/text 713-542-5189.

Thank you,

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