Tree Removal

It has been brought to SCOCIA’s attention that several residences have removed multiple large trees in their front yards without prior approval from the Architectural Control Committee.  This is in direct violation of Deed Restrictions (see below).

Article III, Section 14”

“Removal of Dirt. The digging of dirt or the removal of dirt from any Lot is expressly prohibited except when necessary in conjunction with the construction being done on such Lot.   No tree shall be cut on any Lot without the prior written consent of the Architectural Control Committee except (i) to provide room for construction of buildings, or (ii) to remove diseased , damaged, dead or unsightly trees.”
We understand that issues might arise where your trees present you with challenges to your foundation and/or plumbing.  We ask that you please reach out to the board, who can provide you with finding alternative solutions to the issue other than cutting down some of our beautiful and mature trees.  SCOCIA is a good resource in in helping find cost effective solutions to help maintain property values.
If you wish to remove trees from your yards, please fill out the Architectural Request Form located under Members Only/Requests.
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