SCOCIA Pools Update

Hi All,

I hope you are all doing well. I’m writing in regards to our neighborhood pools. I’ve gotten many questions as to when they’ll open.  As of today, we do not know. Hopefully after the Governors next update we’ll have a better idea of how to move forward with the opening of the pools. (I’m being told the CDC is to release pool guidelines as well later this month)  I expect there will many changes to how we go back to operating, so stay tuned. We’ll send an announcement once restrictions are beginning to lift and how we’ll safely move forward. I want nothing more than to show off the remodeled big pool and see everyone enjoying it.

As for wristband distribution, we have decided not to use them this summer.  If we can get back into the pools this summer, we’ll communicate how to gain access to the pools without the bands.

As I stated above, it is expected that there will be strict guidelines imposed on how we open and operate in order to ensure your safety. Lifeguards will still need to be hired and trained as well, as this usually takes place during March and April. The Red Cross has to approve the re-start of training. So, please keep that in mind during this process. Many have asked about ‘Swim at your own risk’, as I too was hoping for this. But that is not an option for this summer. NO thanks to Covid-19!

I hope I’ve been able to answer your questions. The pools are ready to greet you once restrictions are lifted.

Best Regards,


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