SCO Pool Update and New Key Fob System-Please read

SCO Pools Update and Key Fob Information:

We are excited to announce that we’ve worked to improve access to our pools as well as make them more assessable by installing
keyless entry systems at both CH1 Pool at Misty Creek and CH2 Pool at Bur Oak with the use of a key fob. This key fob will gain
access to both pools during open hours.
If you wish to access the pools, you must have a key fob to do so starting July 25th

A Liability Waiver (online) and a key fob agreement (printed and submitted at time of pick up) will need to be obtained from each
household before a key fob is issued. Find this waiver on our website: ->Amenities-> Clubhouse Pools. The
Key Fob Agreement will be here as well. Please print the agreement, if possible, fill out and bring with you to pick up your key fob at
the designated pick-up time. We will have copies on hand as well. The Waiver you will complete on the website.
Key fob pick up times/location: Mark your calendars. Key fob pick up is only during announced pick up times:
Sunday, July 17th, CH2 Pool-front entry, 6-8pm
Sunday, July 24th, CH2 Pool-front entry, 6-8pm (additional dates may be announced if needed. We realize it is vacation season)
If you miss these dates, pick up will be from 6-6:30pm at CH2 on the second Monday of each month that there is an HOA meeting.
IMPORTANT: You must submit your online waiver no less than 24 hours prior to key fob pick up as they need to be assigned to you
in our keyless entry security system. No waivers will be accepted at key fob pick-up, only your key fob agreement.
Your first key fob is free. One key fob will be assigned to each household and released only to the property owner or renter of the
property. Renter must have a “Tenant Acknowledgment Form” on file with SCOCIA. (Contact HOA for more info if needed)
Replacement fobs are $50.
HOA dues must be current.
Info Regarding Pools:
CH/Pool 1 at Misty Creek: Will continue to be a swim at your own risk pool, during the posted hours, with a gate guard until July
. Adult supervision is required for children attending at this location.
Once key fobs are issued and the system is in full functioning mode, hours will be extended to daylight hours at this location and will
be open into October. Season closure pending first cold front. Expectations are that it will open much sooner in the Spring.
Note to CH1 Tennis court users: You will need the key fob to gain access to the gate to the bathrooms.
CH/Pool 2 at Bur Oak: Will also use this keyless entry system at the front gate off the circle dr. Key fob use goes into effect July 25th

All residents must enter and exit the pool via the front gate.
There is a 10-minute break at the CH2 Pool held every hour, 10 minutes prior to the top of the hour. Guards will whistle and call
“break” at this time. ALL swimmers MUST EXIT the pool. No one should be in the water during this 10-minute break. Please exit the
water at the closest exit. Please explain this to your children that attend the pool regularly. No exceptions.
Refer to the website for all pool information. Details will be forthcoming and too quickly to use the SCOOP
for communications.
Keyless Entry to both pools will be in effect beginning July 25th. This means that after July 25th, a key fob is the only way to gain entry
to the pools. To enter: swipe, listen for it to disengage, then open. To exit: press the red button to your left, listen for door to
disengage and exit. Instructions are posted on our website as well.

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