Important! Proposed Subsidized Housing

Attention SCO residents,

A pre-application was filed in early January with the TDHCA Housing Tax Credit Program for a subsidized, 130-unit, multi-family development at the southwest corner of Louetta and Terranova West Dr.

Needless to say, we strongly oppose this development.  We have received inquiries from homeowners as to how we can fight back against this project.  The best way to voice your concerns is to contact State Representative Val Swanson’s office.  Issues that you may consider including in your comments are as follows.

  • We are a commuter community.  There are no large industries located in the area that could provide jobs to support a large influx of new families.
  • There is no existing bus line in this area, and METRO’s latest plans through 2040 do *not* include an expansion of local bus service to this area.
  • There is already affordable housing in the area with homes available for rent and new apartment complexes having been built in recent years.
  • Our area does not have the tax base to support the services that low income families would require.

We have already received word from Representative Swanson’s office that she plans to oppose this development, but we encourage you to contact her with your own concerns.  Awards for the tax credits are made each November, but it would be best to voice your opinions very soon.  At the same time, you may also consider providing your input on legislation she has authored to give greater weight to the opinions of local communities when the TDHCA awards tax credits.  The full contact information for Representative Swanson is available at her web site, but the information for her local office is below.

Representative Valoree Swanson
Phone:  (281) 257-4222

Mailing address:
6012 G Root Road
Spring, TX  77389

If you would like to read more about TDHCA’s Competitive Housing Tax Credit Program, please see this link.

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