IMPORTANT pool online waiver due by June 14 for entire season

Spring Creek Oaks Residents,

We will begin opening pools next week. Please read this in its entirety, as there are many changes.

Traditionally the pool has been open on weekends during the month of May and then daily after Memorial Day. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting government restrictions delayed opening. Your HOA Board of Directors and staff have worked diligently and extensively with the Greater Houston Community Associations Institute, insurance carrier, pool maintenance/lifeguard company and legal counsel regarding opening the pools safely and you can enjoy a safe environment.

Before you can attend a pool, SCOCIA must have a signed Swimming Pool Release, Waiver of Liability, Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement, for all attendees, including children. This includes any potential, future events such as July 4th & Labor Day.  We have streamlined this process on our website. Instructions are at the bottom of the page.  Please review the changes that have been put in place for each pool. 

The pools will be limited to 50% capacity, as dictated by government officials. Pool facilities will not be available for pool parties this season.

Pool 1, Misty Creek (small pool)

Will open on June 15th as an Unguarded Pool. (NO lifeguards) THIS IS A TRIAL, for this summer only. We will reevaluate after the season ends as to whether it will continue. 

Hours will be Monday 1-9pm, Closed Tuesday, Wed-Sunday 1-9PM. 

There will be a gate attendant. This person is in place to make sure that we have a signed waiver on file, prior to entrance, as well as check chemical levels of the pool throughout the day. They are not certified lifeguards and it is up to you to follow pool rules.

You will not have access to pool furniture at this time. You are welcome to bring your own lawn chairs, please take them with you when you leave. 

Pool 2, Bur Oak (Big pool) 

Will open June 9th, with lifeguards. Hours will be Tue-Sat. 10am-9pm., Sun Noon-9pm . 

Side entry gates will be locked. Use the front entry gate off of the circle drive. 

The 10-minute break, 10 minutes before the top of each hour, will still be in effect.  This applies to EVERYONE, there is no adult swim. During this break, no one should be in the water, not on the steps or the sun shelf. Continuing to stay in the water is grounds for dismissal from the pool area. 

There will be no pool furniture. You may bring your own. 

Umbrellas will be placed on the sun deck. Please, DO NOT touch the umbrellas. Ask a lifeguard for assistance. Only lawn chairs with plastic footings are allowed in the water/on the sundeck.

If you would like to swim in SCO pools this summer, you MUST have a waiver on file, prior to coming to the pool. You will have until June 14th to electronically sign the agreement. It covers entry to both pools. You not only need to sign the agreement for entry to the unguarded pool but also because of the potential risks of COVID-19. The Agreement covers both. 

-The CDC states,” There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of recreational waters”.


From the home page of, you must log in, find the documentation to review and the agreement to sign under: 

1.Amenities, Clubhouses and pools, “IMPORTANT-Online Waiver Covid-19 and Pool Rules” 

2.Click the Blue Tab and read the COVID-19 Warning and the Pool Rules

3.Go back and check the boxes that you have read them and proceed down the page to complete the waiver and submit. (Home phone is required, I know many don’t have one, just use your cell) (second signature will be required, regardless of whether you list minors, put the date, ‘none’ for the parent and sign)

You must have this done 24 hours prior to planning to attend a pool. This is so we have time to print a new/updated list each day for the guards or gate attendant to cross reference. All agreements must be signed by June 14th. We will not be accepting them past midnight on June 14th for the rest of the swim season. Be sure to list everyone that you will potentially be bringing to the pool on your agreement, including children. If we do not have a signed waiver for each individual planning to attend a pool, they will not be admitted.

You cannot be admitted to a pool without a signed waiver. There will be none on hand at the pool. Online submissions only.

On behalf of your entire Board of Directors, Thank You for your patience and enjoy your summer.
Spring Creek Oaks HOA Board of Directors

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