Hike and Bike Trails Closed

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

Dear District Resident,

The Bilma Public Utility District (“District”) Board of Directors would like to provide an update of construction on the District’s hike and bike trails.

In June 2021, the Harris County Flood Control District (“HCFCD”) began a Major Maintenance project of the Spring Gully Tributary which runs parallel with the District’s hike and bike trails. There will be a heavy presence of construction crews and equipment until the project is complete.

For the safety of everyone, the entire length of the District hike and bike trails are closed to public access until construction is complete. Residents are asked to abide by posted notices in the area advising of the trail closure.

Project construction is expected to be complete along Spring Gully by early August, depending on weather conditions. Once HCFCD completes the repairs along Spring Gully, the District will then begin the process of replacing the removed portions of the hike and bike trails.

Please feel free to contact the District’s Board of Directors or attend a monthly meeting if you have any questions regarding this important project.


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