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Good Morning, SCO-


We hope this message finds everyone safe and healthy.  As everyone is in the process of fixing damage from the storm and cleaning up, we are getting questions on what to do with the construction material that is piling up.  We reached out to Residential Recycling & Refuse to clarify what they will pick up.  Below is the list of construction materials that are acceptable/not acceptable.  It is recommended that materials that are not acceptable be taken to the county dump located at 249 Service Road at Alice Road in Tomball.



Acceptable construction material for garbage pickup:


PVC piping

Dry insulation (bagged)

Wood (without nails)

-must be in small bundles less than 40 lbs

-less than 40 inches wide and 3 inches thick

-pickets and 2x4s

Glass- (NOT in plastic bags, must be boxed and taped shut to prevent cutting workers)


Not acceptable construction material for garbage pickup:


Sheetrock-bagged or loose (breaks down into powder and impacts truck blades functioning correctly)

Wood w/nails

Metal piping (damages blades)

4×4 posts-stronger than the blades

Broken glass in bags-Several workers cut this week

Nails-rip holes in hopper when blade cycles them


Thank you for your cooperation in the matter.  Please visit, Trash & Recycling for more information.

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