Clarification on Voting Process

Good Morning-

SCOCIA has received a request to clarify how to utilize the Fence Project ballot that is available on the website.  This is NOT an online voting system.  You must print the ballot, choose your vote option, sign and either mailed back to 6002 Bur Oak Drive, drop in the mailbox at Clubhouse 2 (same address) or scan and email to


For your convenience, attached is a ballot to print.

Final Proxy – Absentee Ballot


    • Hi Patrick-
      If you would like to assign a proxy, please fill out the absentee ballot and write their name in (option 3). Please give your ballot to your proxy to bring to the meeting. He will then fill out a ballot for you and we will staple your absentee ballot to it. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  • Do the homeowners voting in person this Sunday need to bring the ballot they received in the mail with them? Will they need to bring some proof of identity? Lastly, are members who are delinquent on the 2019 or prior year dues eligible to vote? Thank you.

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