Bilma working in the neighborhood

During the week of August 12th, Bilma will have two contractors doing work on or near the bike path north of TC Jester.
The first will commence on Monday with a crew that will be relining the sewer pipe from TC Jester to the waste treatment plant.  There will not be any excavation done.  The activity will include inverting a resin filled “sock” into the pipe and curing the resin with hot water, thus creating a new pipe inside the existing pipe.  Equipment will be on or very near the path, possibly limiting access to the path.
The second will be two repairs to the path opposite Kuehnle Elementary.  Sections of the path that have significant damage will be torn out and rebuilt with new asphalt.  While this is being done, that section of the path will be closed.  I will update when I get the official start date.
It is anticipated that both of these projects will be finished by the end of the week.
Please be careful in the vicinity on the equipment and follow any directions that the crews give so that these projects can be completed safely.


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