Baseball Field Manager position

SCOCIA will be conducting interviews starting this week for the Baseball Fields Manager position.  The position will pay $400/monthly and will commence on 10/1.  If you are interested in interviewing for the position, please send an email to Applications will be accepted no later than Sunday, September 25th 8:00pm.

*Please note that the position is for residents only.  Applicant must be up to date with HOA dues and have no outstanding Deed Restriction violations.

Baseball Fields Manager Job Description

  1. Schedule teams and input on SCO website calendar
  2. Collect field fees and submit to bookkeeper
  3. Manage bathrooms during practice season. Ensure bathrooms are clean and have supplies.  Check nightly that bathrooms are locked and gate is locked after field usage.
  4. Maintain the fields (bases, batting cages, ant control, trash, etc)
  5. Check to make sure trash cans are being emptied
  6. Post schedules on boards and backstops
  7. Be available if non-resident teams try to use fields without permission (especially when a paid team is scheduled)
  8. Provide the HOA treasurer with list/costs of repairs needed in the fall
  9. Manage baseball budget
  10. Attend monthly meetings with updates-Required

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