Amenity Improvement Committee-Volunteers Needed!

At our most recent board meeting, a discussion ensued about how to best invest our future capital funds to improve/replace our current amenities.  We are in the process of gathering bids to resurface the big pool in 2020 and possibly add a water slide/rockwall/etc.  We also received bids from the tennis committee to resurface Misty Creek tennis courts, which we will vote on in the next few months while working on our 2020 budget.


An issue that has been brought to our attention is the small pool.  We have had issues with clarity, especially this past summer and extremely low attendance for several years.  Here are the facts:


-Maintenance/Lifeguards costs SCO, roughly, $30,000-$40,000 annually for the small pool only


-The pool surface is at the end of its lifespan and will need resurfacing in the next 1-2 years.  Preliminary estimates to resurface run close to $80,0000


-The filter is broken and needs full replacement.  Cost is $5,000


-A liquid chlorinator is needed.  A concrete pad will need to be poured and a shed will need to be built to house the chlorinator.  Total cost is $5,000


-Attendance has been extremely low for many years.  Management/Lifeguards have taken attendance and average attendance is 5 people per WEEK-mostly the same people.


Some of the suggestions that have floated around have been to fill in the pool, add a park and turn Clubhouse 1 into a community gym with access via key fob system.  Another idea would be to fill in pool and add a lap pool and exercise area with benches, outdoor exercise equipment or turning the pool into swim-at-your-own-risk.


We would like input from the community and have decided to form a committee to help come up with ideas and a plan on how to move forward with the Misty Creek Pool and Clubhouse 1.  We have 2 residents from Monday’s meeting that have volunteered to participate in the committee.  If you would like to help us out by volunteering to join this committee, please email the Pool Manager at no later than this Monday, September 16th.  We are hoping for 2-3 more residents and to have our first committee meeting before the end of the month.  We appreciate your willingness to participate in a very important issue that affects our property values and uniqueness of SCO.




  • I have a suggestion for the park and walking trail area. Is it possible to put in a water fountain for people as well as something lower that people walking their animals could get a drink from?

    • Hi Eric! That’s a great idea and something to bring up to Bilma if the park bond election passes on November 5th. The trail is actually property of the flood district and maintained by Bilma. Bilma has it in their plan to improve the trail as part of the project. Be sure to vote for the Park Bond on November 5th!!!

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